Wednesday, April 11, 2007

That's What She Said! (Episode #19)

Our long national nightmare is over. The six-week hiatus for The Office has passed, which means we finally got a fresh new episode last week (and we'll have one more, before the reruns kick for two weeks so the season can be extended through the May sweeps). That also means, of course, that That's What She Said is back with an all-new podcast.

I joked with Matt that I kept thinking about Eddie Murphy's routine about women withholding sex, how if you're starving and someone throws you a cracker, you'll think it was the best damn cracker you've ever eaten in your life. So how I was going to feel about a new episode of The Office after being left hungry for six weeks?

(Actually, I got my Eddie Murphy stand-up movies mixed up on the podcast. I said "Delirious," but the joke I'm thinking of was in "Raw.")

There was some violence, along with steamy romance. And awkward tension! There was a man fighting for what is rightfully his. And the struggle of the working man taking on the corporate culture. But perhaps best of all, there was some sweet superheroic action. In other words, "The Negotiation" had something for everyone.

Episode #19 is available for your downloading and listening pleasure, either from the That's What She Said home page or via iTunes.

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As always, thank you for downloading and listening. And thank you once again for sticking with the podcast during the sitcom dry spell.