Monday, December 04, 2006

That's what she said! (Episode #9.0)

After a holiday break, The Office was back with a new episode. (Had one been shown on Thanksgiving evening, I might have forgotten about the awful experience I endured with my family earlier that evening. Oops - I'm trying to be nice.) So with new stuff to dissect, That's What She Said is back with a new podcast, as well.

Which transfer from the Stamford office of Dunder-Mifflin is an ex-convict? Will the employees in Scranton be safe?

And once that news trickles out to the rest of the staff, can Michael Scott be trusted to handle it discreetly and sensitively? What, are you kidding?

Did we like the episode or, since original "Office" creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant wrote it, will we just chalk it up to "British humour"?

Episode #9.0 is available for your downloading and listening pleasure, either from the That's What She Said home page or via iTunes. Feedback and constructive criticism are always much appreciated, so please join the fun and send along some e-mail or leave a comment to the show notes. And as always, thanks for listening!