Thursday, December 07, 2006

Always the last to know...

When it comes to local happenings in my town, I've been out of touch for quite a while. Authors will have held readings, or bands will have played concerts, and I usually find out days after the fact. And I think a big reason for that is letting my subscription to the Ann Arbor News run out months ago. (Actually, we could be going on a year now.)

If I happen to be in a bookstore (and chances are that I am at least once a week - hey, I'm not buying all of those magazines I want to read), I'll skim through a newspaper to see what's going on. (I know - I could read the local news online, but I get distracted by sports, movie, and gossip stuff. Or gassy women causing planes to make emergency landings. If you're Glade, aren't you trying to sign this chick up as a spokeswoman right now... ?) But I've become a bit frustrated with finding out about stuff later on, and I read something yesterday that might finally make me want to stay current again.

Apparently, there might have been a brothel in Ann Arbor. A brothel, baby! And I had no idea.

(Plus, we have a "Special Investigations Unit" here! Just like a Law & Order spin-off! How cool is that?)

Actually, the brothel was raided and shut down a couple of months ago. This most recent story is about the AAPD mailing letters to people whose registered vehicles were seen at various times outside the establishment.

You know, I have a little bit of disposable income now. And some free time (though my DVR is eating up a lot of that). Most of my friends are married with kids, so I can't just call 'em up and ask if they want to hang out. Such things have to be planned out weeks in advance. That just kills a guy's spontaneity, man.

Of course, subscribing to a newspaper probably wouldn't have helped with this. What I probably need to do is start going to the bar more, and reading the scrawls on the walls. Or just walk the streets and ask people if they know where any good brothels are. I just need to get out more, I think. But if Ann Arbor's going to keep shutting down these "spas" where I could get a "massage," I guess I might as well just stay home and catch up on episodes of Bones. Or should I have said Heroes?

And in other "What? I didn't know about this!" news, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on last night? See, here's another reason I should subscribe to a newspaper again - so I get that TV guide on Sundays.

Oh - apparently not too many other people knew it was on, either. Or they were cleaning out their DVRs, too. Never mind.