Monday, December 12, 2005

These dreams go on

If I keep this up, my dreams could become a weekly feature here at El Bloggo. They're still going, and I'm still remembering them. So I'll keep writing about them. Let's see what you think of this one, Dream Doctors:

My refrigerator is full of melting pints of ice cream, like I've been collecting them. I don't know if I forgot that I left them to thaw, or was just too lazy to throw them out. I open one, see it's melted, and then put it back. I open another, which I remember as mint chocolate chip, and put it back. And so on. But I can't find one that's still frozen.

At the bottom of the refrigerator, the entire shelf is full of cake. Nothing's in a box. It's like someone took a giant cake and just stuffed it into the compartment. The stuff is drooping over the lettuce crisper. It's white cake with white frosting. I try to push it back in, but it squeezes between my fingers and falls over my wrists. From there, I scoop out a big chunk of cake, and put it on a paper plate to eat. But I take one look at it and feel nauseous. And that's when I wake up.

I did have a craving for ice cream over the weekend, but didn't indulge. Is that what the dream is all about?