Sunday, October 31, 2004

What a game

And what were you watching Saturday afternoon/evening? The annual Michigan-Michigan State football game was a classic. The east coast can have their Yankees vs. Red Sox; I'll take U-M vs. MSU. This was a great game. The insides of my chest moved on almost every play. It was draining to watch. Sports at its best, man.

And the Spartans got their hearts broken yet again, blowing a 27-10 lead to lose in triple overtime (!!!) 45-37. I attended MSU for a year (when I watched U-M kick MSU's butt), and I know how seriously they take this rivalry in East Lansing, so I imagine the whole town is in a serious funk today. That one had to hurt. If my lifetime loyalties weren't tied to Michigan due to my upbringing, I'd feel bad for the Spartans.

Having lived in Iowa City for more than a year now, I wonder if I'll ever feel for the Iowa football team as I do for Michigan's... ?
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