Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Resolutions... More or Less

By December 31, 2008 didn't feel like a very good year to me. But between walking my sister down the aisle (and her getting married, of course), traveling to Malaysia and meeting my mother's family for the first time, visiting New York for possibly the last time (as Mis Hooz shipped out to Seattle), and a historic Presidential election, it couldn't have been that bad. Those are some notable highlights.

But 2009 can be better. I guess that's what this resolution stuff is all about, right? And I have some definite thoughts on the matter.

Read more. Weigh less.

Travel more. Settle less. Talk more. Seethe less. Save more. Spend less. Engage more. Observe less. Cook more. Eat less. Learn more. Assume less. Walk more. Drive less. Feel more. Obsess less. Question more. Ignore less.

Less anger. More thought. Less judgment. More compassion. Less drama. More harmony. Less reacting. More listening. Less past. More present.

More tea. Less coffee. More Netflix. Less sports. More Farmer's Market. Less supermarket. More baseball. Less politics. More movies. Less TV. More music. Less talk. More Mediterranean. Less Mexican. More Woody Allen. Less Clint Eastwood. More vegetarian. Less carnivore.

More me. Less you.