Thursday, June 04, 2009

Familiarity in the Year 2009

Clearly, we live in a new day and age when conversations like the one I had earlier today at Borders can take place.

Bookseller: [looks at my credit card, looks at me, squints] Is your name familiar to me?

Me: Um... Ian Casselberry?

[Bookseller shakes her head slightly.]

Me: Do we know each other? [I have never seen this woman in my life.] I... really don't know how to respond to that.

Bookseller: [laughs] I'm sorry. That is a weird question.

Me: Yeah.

Bookseller: Are you Facebook friends with [former co-worker of mine]?

Me: Yes!

Bookseller: Okay.

And that was it, folks. Nowhere we could really go from there, apparently. Signed the credit card receipt, took my bag, headed out the door, and walked through the parking lot in a daze, pondering what this life and culture has become in a very short time.