Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Photo - 04/22/09

While on my morning "jog," I had to take a picture of this lonely postal truck, perhaps enjoying a moment of solitude, or just stretching out among all of the vast space now available at the almost totally abandoned, now in foreclosure, Georgetown Mall on Packard in Ann Arbor.

That used to be a Rite-Aid behind where the truck is parked. That parking lot used to have a hell of lot more cars in it. And the surrounding neighborhood used to have a place to pick up their pharmaceuticals, a postal counter, a pizza place, a tailor/seamstress, a hair salon, and an antiques shop. Kids who grew up nearby, such as myself, found a place to hang out as adolescents, or a place to work as they got a bit older.

Now, all that's left is a Kroger that's probably on life support, and a giant asphalt-covered, pothole-riddled, weed-infested eyesore.