Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving the Blog One More Time

After moving from Blogger to Squarespace, I didn't anticipate moving my personal blog to another platform for quite some time. But sometimes, you get seduced when you don't expect it.

During the holiday break, I started playing with Posterous, and quickly became enamored. I love that I can post via e-mail, and can include audio and video clips rather easily. (The audio is especially appealing, since finding a satisfactory audio player has been difficult.)

So for the second time in less than six months, I'm moving my blog. You can now find me at The Casselbloggy (or at I've actually been posting stuff over there for the last week or so, but realized I never made an announcement here. So if you've been clicking back here (as my friend A. has), hoping for some fresh content, I apologize. (And if you're someone who reads via RSS, here's my new feed.)

I probably never gave Squarespace a fair chance, but when you get that feeling, you just have to go with it. One thing I don't like about Posterous is that I can't install much sidebar content, and that's something I spent quite a bit of time working on in here. But I don't know how many people check out blogrolls anymore. And as much as I love Flash and Javascript widgets (especially my beloved Twitter widget), they tend to make a site load slower.

(I intend to keep alive. But it'll be more of what I originally intended: an archive of my work, an online resume, sort of a one-stop shop. In other words, a website, not just a blog. Now I just have to put some actual work into that.)

Once again, thank you for sticking with me as I keep moving around. Now that I'm not blogging at Bless You Boys full-time anymore, I plan to do a lot more writing. I'd like the new blog to be a bit more "stream of thought," with posts on all sorts of subjects - articles I've read, movie reviews, podcast clips, etc. - rather than "this is what I've decided to write about today." That approach always kept me going at BYB, and I don't see why it can't work here.

So please follow me over to The Casselbloggy (or the new RSS feed). And I should probably mention that you can also find me on Twitter and Facebook. I'll try my best to keep you entertained and informed enough to check back regularly.